We are voice technology experts.

Whetstone Technologies helps brands monetize voice assistants with our patent-pending SoniBridge platform.  We design, develop and host voice-first, multi-experiences for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. 


SoniBridge integrates with your supporting marketing and customer systems to provide immediate offer fulfillment via text.  No keyboard required!

Person usinga voice assitant on their cell phone an then receiving a offer via text message

People talk to their smart phones, smart speakers,

smart vehicles, smart appliances, and smart TVs using voice technology such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

But what happens next?  

How do you generate revenue from voice-first experiences?

Work with Whetstone Technologies.  We know how.

Brands using our patent-pending SoniBridge platform interact with customers across multiple voice assistants and various devices.  On SoniBridge, your conversational interfaces can include graphics, video, music, and touch screen prompts enabling consumers to opt-in to receive text messages with

  • coupons

  • incentive offers

  • web site links

  • videos / music

  • instructions

  • whitepapers 

Brands on the SoniBridge platform get measurable, attributable results from their voice-first experiences.

We are integrators.

We integrate voice technology with your existing Content Management, CRM/CDP and eCommerce systems, making it easy to manage your portfolio of voice-first experiences.


We help you develop a relevant multi-experience strategy aligned with your business goals and integrated into your marketing plans to maximize ROI / ROAS on voice-first customer engagement.

SoniBridge Voice Technology Platform
We are VUX portfolio managers.

Voice-first user experiences (VUX) come in all shapes and sizes - from a brief, event-driven interaction to longer-life infotainment engagement - or periodic conversations.

We've assembled a team of cross-functional design, development and systems management professionals with voice technology experience. 


The enterprise-grade SoniBridge platform enables you to optimally and effectively manage a portfolio of voice-first experiences while integrating with supporting systems. 

Work with Whetstone.  We know how.

SoniBridge Voice Technology Portfolio Management
We are certified. 

We've earned the certifications and the trust of the voice technology industry:

  • Amazon Alexa & AWS certified

  • Google Assistant Developers

  • Samsung Bixby Premier Developers

SoniBridge works wih Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby