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Span the gap between voice assistants and

mobile marketing via text messaging

SoniBridge spans the gap between voice assistants and mobile marketing via text messaging.

With our patent-pending SoniBridge platform, brands have voice apps that close the customer engagement loop.

Increase offer redemption and lead generation rates with immediate digital fulfillment to a customer's mobile device after interacting with voice apps on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  With SoniBridge voice apps,  users can receive an optional text message with:

  1. an offer or coupon

  2. instructions, white paper, videos

  3. information on how to contribute or volunteer for a charity or political campaign

Experience SoniBridge technology now.

Ask Alexa to "open Whetstone Technologies"


Tell Google Assistant to "talk to Whetstone Technologies"

Let's start the conversation

Ask your phone's voice assistant

Hey, Google...

Ask your smart speakers at home


or maybe even ask your vehicle


about your company, brand, product, event...


Did you like the response?



SoniBridge spans the gap

Make your

voice heard

Sanjeev Surati, CEO, Whetstone Technologis



The visionary leading a diverse group of talented and experienced people focused on a fun and memorable customer experience

Sanjeev Surati, Certified Alexa Skill Builder
About Us

Our Story

Co-founders Sanj & John are Microsoft veterans.  They have worked on projects for major clients in various industries.  They're also filmakers.  How cool is that? 


They began developing voice apps in 2017 and were selected for Batch2 of the 2018 Playlabs@MIT startup incubator/accelerator program.   

John Iwasz, CTO, Whetstone Technologies



Architecting the future of voice interactions using decades of experience in several industries.

John Iwasz, Certified Alexa Skill Buider in Philadelphia
John Iwasz, AWS Associate Architect Certification

The Team

Sanj & John have selected management team members who bring a balanced set of skills and 

valuable experience to Whetstone Technologies.


Headquartered near Philadelphia, PA, USA 

with remote distributed teams in Boston, MA and Seattle, WA.  

Phone:  610.345.7384


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