How SoniBridge works
SoniBridge voice assistant architecture tech stack

With our patent-pending SoniBridge platform, we can rapidly design, build, launch, and manage conversational AI multi-experiences for both Amazon Alexa and Google devices that support voice search and voice assistants. 

What makes us different?  We are

  • transactional - today, right now, we can turn a voice interaction into a transaction by sending a text message with an incentive offer.

  • easily expandable - able to handle additional voice apps for Bixby, Siri, Watson and other new voice products while utilizing and extending the code and content already developed for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.    

  • extensible - as voice technology evolves and becomes more contextually aware and more integrated into our home and work lives, the SoniBrige platform gains new features and functionality.  

Most importantly, we integrate with your existing content management,  marketing, CRM and ecommerce systems.  That makes it easy for you to integrate voice technology into your strategic marketing programs.  

Want to learn more?  Work with Whetstone.  We know how to monetize voice tech.

Experience SoniBridge voice technology right now.

Ask Alexa to "open Whetstone Technologies"  or tell Google Assistant to "talk to Whetstone Technologies."

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