Sanjeev Surati and John Iwasz
We are technically creative.

Whetstone Technologies co-founders Sanjeev Surati and John Iwasz are Microsoft veterans with diverse experience ranging from writing components of the Windows operating system to using cutting edge technologies to solve problems for clients such as Dell, Vanguard and the FDIC.

Over the years of their friendship, they taught themselves to become award-winning filmmakers.  Seriously – you can find them on IMDB (Sanj & John) – and some of the films they’ve worked on have screened in nearly 50 film festivals spread over 3 continents.  How cool is that?

In 2017, they decided to combine their technical and creative talents to develop conversational AI multi-experience.  They were inspired by the "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" books and games from the 1990's.  Being software engineers, they designed a cloud-based engine for voice and other Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications.

Their engine, SoniBridge, got them into the Play Labs @ MIT accelerator.  That experience solidified the idea that voice assistant interfaces are capable of so much more than setting timers and playing music. 

Now they are expanding their team of experts to bring their vision to regional, national and international organizations.

Why Whetstone?

A whetstone is a stone used for sharpening the blades of knives and cutting tools.  These tools are used in the creative process. 

In other words, a whetstone is a tool for improving other tools.


Voice technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems are tools for people to create or enhance workflows.  

Whetstone Technologies SoniBridge is a tool to help you leverage voice and NLP tools.

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Playlabs@MIT Batch 2

Whetstone Technologies, Inc. is proud to have been a part of Batch 2 of the 2018 Playlabs@MIT startup incubator/accelerator.

Hosted at:

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