Managing a Portfolio of Voice Apps

How do you manage a portfolio of voice apps? First, consider how you currently manage digital assets and content. This is important because voice user experience (VUX) is derived from your existing marketing materials and strategy.

But, voice apps are different. Not only does the natural language process software (NLP) require the computing power of the cloud, but your VUX must be able to scale to handle a surge in popularity. The combination of the two makes voice apps more complex than other marketing channels.

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The SoniBridge platform enables brand owners to manage voice apps.

Voice Assistant App Life Cycles Vary

Brands are designing and launching voice apps. Brand managers may create several voice-first user experiences (VUX).

  1. All should be cross-platform - Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

  2. Some may be for a specific season or event with a defined expiration date.

  3. Others may share content across multiple products or brands.

Managing a Portfolio of Voice Assistant Apps

Once you launch several voice apps, what is necessary to take care of them?

You’ll need to:

  1. Acquire usage data and reporting for cross-platform voice apps. Not all voice assistants have the same usage data availability and features. So, an apples-to-apples comparison may not be possible, for example, between Alexa and Google.

  2. Integrate relevant VUX data with your existing marketing analytics tools for cross-channel comparison

  3. Integrate appropriate data with your CRM for consistent omni-channel user experience

  4. Monitor the health of your voice apps – availability, accuracy, speed of performance, etc. and compare across VUX and platforms – Amazon, Google, etc.

  5. Modify content for specific seasons, events and campaigns, integrating with your content management systems.

  6. Adjust their configuration with changes from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

  7. Comply with privacy and advertising laws.

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Juggling multiple voice apps and managing all their aspects can be challenging.

The Benefits of a Voice Assistant App Platform

Brands on the SoniBridge platform from Whetstone Technologies can easily manage their portfolio of voice apps. The enterprise-grade system was designed to enable companies – small and large – to optimize the total cost of ownership of voice technology by managing their portfolio of voice-first user experiences in one place.

Why have tools in silos? SoniBridge integrates with marketing analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) and content management systems (CMS).

Voice technology is changing rapidly, advancing with the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). The team at Whetstone Technologies are voice technology experts. As innovators, they work directly with the voice assistant providers – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. – to get advance notification of new features and changing parameters.

Brands on the SoniBridge platform don’t need to worry about their voice apps not working when features are retired or updated. The Whetstone Technologies team provides these additional managed services as part of the cloud hosting costs.

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