We help brands monetize voice tech.

Keep the conversation going.  Don't let your voice app end after an enjoyable experience.  Use our SoniBridge platform to enable customers to opt in to receive a text message with your offer.  SoniBridge enables brands to monetize their voice apps.

SoniBridge voice technology flow for mobile marketing
We can run a pilot program first.

A successful voice technology project must provide the business with expected return on investment.  The SoniBridge platform enables brands to start small, but think big, gradually rolling out features and functionality.

We design, develop & deploy.
Graphic gears for design, develop and deploy for voice technology

Use the voice technology strategy we crafted with you, or bring us your own conversation design.  We'll review the materials and ensure they are 

  1. still feasible and appropriate for today's voice technology

  2. in compliance with both industry standards and SoniBridge platform requirements.

  3. within your project budget.

Clients often prefer to have their brand management team provide the digital assets - images, videos, etc.  Sometimes,  clients want a totally new user experience.  We're flexible.


Your project budget includes the activities and team members required to design, develop and deploy your voice apps in coordination with your overall marketing plan.

We host, monitor & manage.
Graphical gear design representing cloud hosting of voice aps

Only voice apps developed by Whetstone Technologies can be hosted on the enterprise-grade SoniBridge platform.  Once your voice apps have launched, we actively monitor them for stability, security and scalability. 


Your monthly fee includes hosting & monitoring,  basic modifications, analysis & reporting and client support.

We help you get started - your way.

The Whetstone Technologies team has both the technical skills and the business acumen to help craft your unique voice technology strategy.  You can scope this as a consulting project until you get approval to proceed to design and build.

Or, you and continue on to conversation design as another phase of the project.  We're flexible.  

Graphical design of Voice-first, multimodal strategy from Whetstone Technologies
We help you plan for voice integration.

Whetstone Technologies not only helps you innovate, we help you integrate.  Some people provide you with a voice strategy, a conversation design, or both.  


But will it integrate with your existing systems - marketing, content management, CRM and ecommerce, etc. easily and quickly?  Will it integrate with your marketing plan - with attribution and data analytics?  

Will it scale and be stable when your marketing efforts quickly go viral?  If you are on the SoniBridge platform, yes.

Graphical gear design representing API capabilities

We know from years of software development  and operations that silos are not a good long-term systems plan.

Yes, it saves money initially to put up brochure-ware.  But if your voice apps are not integrated with the rest of your marketing plan and your supporting systems, your ROI / ROAS could decrease  - along with the qualitative factors in user experience. 

If money and time are budget constraints, or if you are simply conducting a voice technology pilot, your're in luck.  Voice apps on the SoniBridge platform are extensible later.  

We modify across voice assistants.
Graphical flowchart representing voice app modifications

Changing a voice app is similar, but different, to updating a web site.  With voice apps, you must make sure whatever content you submit to the various voice assistants - Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. is understood by their machine learning and natural language processing technology.  

We understand when we can change a voice app quickly and easily with minimal impact on the user experience.  We know when it's time to start a new project and when it may be necessary to evaluate the original voice technology strategy.

We help you find a solution that's right for your budget and timeline.

Some voice apps have limited life span for a specific event.  Others have longer-lasting appeal.  Both are part of your strategic plan.  We help you focus on the end game of employing voice technology and our team - to help engage customers in new ways that increase not only revenue, but brand equity.  

We help you optimize voice app costs.

Every voice app will have a different cost.   Here's how you can optimize your spend.

Do some pre-project homework and planning.

  1. Interact with voice apps from a variety of industries on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  Document what you like and don't like.  Ask your boss, co-workers, maybe some key customers and friends what their opinions are - the good and the bad.  All this information is valuable to your ideation process.

  2. Brainstorm an introductory idea that's easy for customers to experience.  With emerging technology, we recommend starting with a simpler voice-first user experience that can be enriched over time.

  3. Determine what content you have available to use now.   Document where - onsite or in the cloud -  and in which system it resides - Content Management,  CRM & Marketing, eCommerce, etc.  Work with your IT department to determine how it will be accessed and if it can perform quickly enough for the requirements of voice technology.  People won't wait for slow answers from your legacy systems.

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